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Dog looking out of car window

Perhaps your beloved, older cat suddenly started limping around the house, possibly from arthritis or from an infection. Or maybe your dog got into a scuffle with another animal around the neighborhood, and you’re worried that he’s more injured than you initially thought.


In any case, you need to act rapidly. Your pet needs medical attention—soon! If you don’t already have a veterinarian you trust—or if you do, and it’s after hours or if the clinic can’t provide the extensive support needed—what should you do?


First off, don’t panic. Take a breath. Your pet (and your family) need your focused, relaxed attention right now.


Second, assuming you have a few minutes to think constructively about the situation, try this exercise:


1) Before you start Googling frantically, take a beat to figure out what you want and need out of an animal hospital. A great way to do this is to imagine the instructions you’d give someone else if you had to delegate the task of finding a hospital for you. In other words, what’s your list of do’s and don’ts? For instance, you might say:


  • Find a hospital that’s within 20 miles of us;
  • Do a quick (but thorough) vetting of the hospital online before making an appointment;
  • Look for a reputable center with up to date facilities, smart staff, clear billing procedures;
  • Etc.



2) Once you’ve clarified these standards, start searching. Get referrals from friends, family, and local veterinarians. Browse online. Use the standards you came up with in step #1 to winnow your list.


3) Based on your quick research, call your top choices. Ask smart questions about the care the hospital can give you, the qualifications of their providers, and their billing and insurance policies.


4) Once you’ve made a choice, hold the hospital to your high standards.

If you need urgent animal care in Georgia, please consider adding Mabry Animal Hospital to your shortlist. We are standing by to answer any questions you have—and to give your pet the attentive medical care needed to deal with your emergency the right way.


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