Due to staffing considerations, our facility will be changing its service hours. Beginning August 1, 2022, our new hours will be Monday through Fridays, 8 am to 6 pm.
We will be closed Saturdays and Sundays. We appreciate your continued loyalty and look forward to caring for your pets.




When your pet needs medication, Mabry Animal Hospital makes it easy to find what they need. We carry a range of brand name and generic prescriptions. For everything from parasites to wounds to arthritis, we can recommend and/or supply what your pet needs to feel better fast. Talk to one of our experts about heart medications, allergy relief, digestive care or pain relief. We also carry non-prescription treatments like those for ear and skin care.


Preventative wellness care is crucial for avoiding problems like heartworms, contagious diseases and dental disease. Your pet can’t tell you if their teeth hurt or their joints are feeling funny. Our experts are trained to notice signs of a problem that might otherwise go undetected. Among other things, we’ll check: Weight (to make sure your pet is within healthy limits); Temperature; Skin and Coat; Eyes and Ears; Teeth and Oral cavity (tooth decay can cause problems later); Lungs and Heart (the veterinarian will use a stethoscope to listen for clear lungs and a healthy heart rhythm); Lymph nodes (swelling or pain can be signs of disease); Abdominal cavity (the veterinarian will feel or "palpate" the internal organs); Joints and gait or movement.

Core vaccines depend on your pet’s age, breed, health status and lifestyle. If your pet needs vaccinations, the veterinarian will tailor the protocol to your pet and provide them at your annual visit.



Our X-ray facilities render high-quality images that are ready to view within minutes, so you won't wait long to find out what might be wrong. If your pet is in pain or having a hard time being still for image capture, he/she may require sedation, but, most of the time, the procedure is so quick that our experts can complete the exam while your pet is still awake.


When X-rays and physical exams alone don’t provide detailed enough information, Mabry Animal Hospital uses ultrasound technology to diagnose health issues. The same equipment that is safe to use on pregnant women provides a non-invasive view inside your pet. Experts can see a detailed image of body fluid, soft tissue, and organs for an on-site diagnosis.


When your pet requires blood, fecal, urinary or other tests, we don’t have to send samples off while you wait at home for results. Our on-site lab quickly processes tests to get you answers and start your pet on appropriate treatment.


Animal care is continually changing, with new treatments and new conditions discovered every day. Our experts stay updated on cutting-edge medicine by accessing our reference laboratory. When patients have unexpected symptoms, we consult with a range of experts from around the world to get quickly to the source of the problem.



When you bring your pet in for health exams, the veterinarian at Mabry Animal Hospital will conduct an oral exam to evaluate teeth, gums and other mouth structures. After the oral exam, the veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan for your pet. Dental disease left untreated can lead to disease of many other body organs, and we take it very seriously. If indicated during the initial health exam, the veterinarian will recommend a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment or COHAT (which includes full mouth x-rays, cleaning and polishing, and treatment of periodontal disease). This comprehensive approach to oral health is not possible in a conscious patient and is, therefore, performed under general anesthesia. Routine care keeps your pet's teeth strong and healthy throughout their lifetime.


When people go to the dentist, they have X-rays to find hidden problems, evaluate bone loss and pinpoint cavities. The same technology helps diagnose potential problems in pets. Our veterinarians uses X-rays (radiographs) to spot infections, tooth decay and periodontal disease that might not be visible to the naked eye. General anesthesia is required for obtaining radiographs and providing comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT).


When pet owners hear their dog or cat needs a tooth removed, they often worry what the experience will be like for their pet. How will the pet recover and eat? Dental extraction is one of the most common dental procedures, and at Mabry Animal Hospital we focus on making every part of the procedure comfortable for your pet. Our experts are skilled and experienced at returning your pet to good oral health.



When you choose to spay or neuter your pets, you make it possible for them to experience a range of both medical and behavioral benefits. Spaying a female reduces her risk of uterine infections and breast tumors. Neutering your male makes him less likely to develop certain types of cancer. Owners and pets avoid the behavioral and physical changes that go with an female in heat or a male that feels the urge to wander away from home in search of a mate or tries to dominate un-neutered pets. Spaying and neutering are much more cost-effective than caring for a pet with gender-related health issues or raising an unexpected litter.


Every pet has unique healthcare needs. Sometimes, issues involving the skin, eyes, digestive, or reproductive system are best treated with surgery. When your animal needs a routine procedure like spaying, neutering or tumor removal, you can trust Mabry Animal Hospital to provide expert care before, during and after the procedure. We perform a range surgical procedures, but will recommend referral to a specialty surgeon if indicated. Our sterile, technologically-advanced facility allows us to provide precise treatment for your pet. During aftercare, we monitor patients to manage pain and ensure a speedy recovery.



With pets, it costs far less to prevent conditions than to treat disease. Animals are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, many of which can be avoided with proper nutritional care, vaccinations and parasite prevention. If your pet is starting to put on too much weight, we can recommend a weight reduction program to help prevent heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Fleas, ticks and heartworms can cause life-threatening conditions, but regular medication can keep parasites off your loved one. We sell heartworm medicine that tastes like a flavored treat and offer parasite treatments that break the parasite life cycle for pest-free pets. All our preventatives are veterinarian recommended and backed by science.


When your pet needs medication, Mabry Animal Hospital makes it easy to find what they need. We carry a range of brand name and generic prescriptions. For everything from parasites to worms to arthritis, we can recommend and/or supply what they need to feel better fast. Talk to one of our experts about heart medications, allergy relief, digestive care or pain relief. We also carry non-prescription treatments like those for ear and skin care.


Pets require ongoing daily care, and we have the tools that make it easier and more enjoyable for you both. Basic maintenance keeps your pet’s ears clean and healthy. We can demonstrate proper cleaning and recommend products that remove excess wax and other problems without causing irritation. Toenail clipping can be a challenge, but we can do it for you. Teeth brushing can also be a challenge, but we have the tools to help you and can teach you how to use them

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