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Dog and Child

Looking for something to listen to on your commute or when relaxing at home? Learn more about your favorite pet by checking out one of these amazing podcasts:


  1. Pet Life Radio

Orchestrated by Dr. Bernadine Cruz—a practicing veterinarian with over two decades of experience—this podcast offers a little something for everyone. Sometimes, Dr. Cruz takes a tough love approach: in one episode, she discusses how to process the complex emotions that surface when you have to let go of an ailing pet. Other episodes explore the fascinating (and surprisingly under-researched) world of pet psychiatry.

  1. Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcast

The perfect podcast for dog lovers, Dr. Dunbar tackles real-life situations with candor and humor. Provocative topics like “Puppy Classes Gone Bad” and “Is Pet Dog Aggression on the Rise” are interlaced with more playful (but profound) discussions of internet dog memes. The balanced look at the practice of coprophagia answers a question millions of dog lovers have thought about—but have been too shy to ask.

  1. Canine Nation

Ever wonder what’s going on in your dog’s head? Canine Nation gives you an inside look in this deep dive into canine behavioral science. The podcast offers insight into why dogs act the way you do—as well as how you can leverage this knowledge to improve behavior. Think Pavlov’s dogs, without the bells or the drool.

  1. Cat Chat

After spending seven years on the Martha Stewart show, Tracie brings her hosting chops to a live, call-in show that helps cat owners understand their felines. She debunks common misconceptions and entertains burning questions from the listener audience. A visiting veterinarian helps clarify confusion about things like the “dry food vs. wet food” debate and sheds light on what makes catnip so appealing.

  1. Working Like Dogs

This podcast focuses on the health and issues of working service animals. From training service dogs to treating seizures, you’ll learn how to care for the animals who care for and protect others—a worthy journey.

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